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Café San Alberto has a particular taste and aroma due to the excellent geographic and climatic conditions of its producing hacienda, located in Buenavista, Province of Quindío; there the warm and cold winds of the Quindío valley and the Central cordillera converge. 


Name: San Alberto

Geographic location: Buenavista - Quindío - Colombia

Varieties: Arabica Caturra - Castillo – Others in experimentation.

Crop height: 1,500 – 1,800 (4,920 – 5,920 ft) above sea level

Processing method: Wet ecological

Sustainability certifications: UTZ and Rain Forest

Drying method: Solar and mechanical

Taste warranty: Five Step Selection Process       

The Taste of Café San Alberto is intimately linked to its homeland, the Hacienda San Alberto.


Four values describe the philosophy of our coffee. They ensure coherence and consistency in our actions as well as strong identity which makes a particular proposal for the consumer.


Stemmed from these values, among others comes our commitment to exquisite taste, extreme process adherence, constant research to provide the best taste and special care for our people and environment.


Coffee as a means to enhance special moments:

  • Coffee should be consumed to awaken the senses producing a memorable experience.
  • Life should be enjoyed in appreciation of those small details.

Development of a consumption culture:

Consumers should be assisted to develop knowledge on coffee. Only in this manner they may enjoy this passionate world as many do with wine.

Therefore Café San Alberto regularly carries out Coffee Baptisms.


Solidarity and Responsibility

Considering the importance of coffee in Colombia, production needs to be socially responsible, solidary with the community and respectful to the environment.


Coffee with character:

The best coffees in the world have their own character, loyal to the unique attribute of its terroir and processes.


San Alberto opens another coffee shop in this beautiful historic center of Cartagena. A place to savor the effort carried out at Hacienda San Alberto.

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San Alberto is the first Colombian coffee to receive the iTQi Crystal Taste Award after three consecutive years wining the maximum award. That same year receives the Monde Selection Gold Award in Bordeaux.

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Café San Alberto is formerly invited to offer its coffee to visitors of the Gold Museum in Bogotá, a cultural icon of the city. It opens it café to tend to international visitors with a cup of coffee grown at the Hacienda San Alberto.

One again it is awarded 3 Golden Stars for its superior taste by the International Taste & Quality and Institute in Brussels.

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Café San Alberto obtains the prestigious international award and is the first Colombian coffee to obtain it: 3 Golden stars for its superior taste provided by the International Taste & Quality and Institute in Brussels.

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Café San Alberto is recognized internationally in Russia as the first Colombian coffee to obtain the Gold Medal as Product of the Year at the Moscow Food Fair.

Cafe San Alberto turns into the exclusive distributor in Colombia of the recognized alternative Hario (Japan) and Chemex (USA) coffee preparation methods.

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Committed to the environment, the quality of its products and a high sense of social responsibility, obtains the Rain Forest Alliance certification for sustainable agricultural practices.

During this year Café San Alberto is awarded it first international prize and was allotted Top Class Coffee award in Korea.

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Loyal to the dream of educating on coffee consumption, the doors of the Hacienda are open to the public and the Terraza San Alberto is inaugurated; a privileged setting to relish a good cup of coffee.

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The third generation of the family, the Villota Leyva members establish the Grupo Kallpasapa and launch Café San Alberto with the clear purpose of being a taste and exclusivity hallmark.

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After ten years of dedicated work with a committed environmental and corporate vision as well as the quality of its products and steep social responsibility, the Hacienda San Alberto obtains the UTZ certification.

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The transcendental transformation process headed by Eduardo Villota is completed.

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The Villota Leyva family reopened the main Hacienda house after remodeling it and preserving its original structure and adapting it to the new requirements.

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The brother and sisters decide to dismiss the association and the eldest Olga Cecilia, along with her husband acquire the entire property. A transformation and reengineering of the property and equipment is initiated including the processes.

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Melba retires and decides to divide her estate among her three descendants.

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Looking to increase production, Hacienda San Alberto acquires the neighboring estate La Ponderosa, which includes the highest lands of the property, between 1,700 and 1,800 meters above sea level.

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On the road from Hacienda San Alberto to Armenia Mr. Leyva passes away, leaving his wife Melba in charge of managing the property.

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Excellent results and futuristic vision led Mr. Leyva to buy the home adjacent to the hacienda and turn it the main household.

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Gustavo Leyva Monroy acquires the Hacienda La Alsacia and changes its name to Hacienda San Alberto, in honor of his son Gustavo Alberto, who passed in a fatal plane accident.

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