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Cartagena – Coffee Baptism with Rum Pairing

From: $160.000

A coffee experience that awakes the senses. You will learn to appreciate and enjoy the particular attributes of specialty coffee through a delicious sensorial exploration. Complemented by the exploration and pairing with different Colombian Premium Rums.

  1. Introduction to coffee production in Colombia
  2. The coffee crop and its processes
  3. Learn coffee’s organoleptic characteristics and its defects
  4. Sensorial Awakening – Identify flavors and aromas
  5. Cupping of three coffees
  6. Pairing of San Alberto coffee with 3 premium rums from different origins


  • Includes: Diary of the experience, apron, diploma “San Alberto Ambassador”
  • Duration: 1,5 hour
  • Capacity: minimum group of 2 people

***Your reservation is subject to change based on availability. A San Alberto representative will contact you to confirm the details of the experience.  


In order to book your Coffee Experience please contact us at +57 317 502 6246 or by email [email protected].

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